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Article number Year Description Documents
OIK-02430 2015

Katano, I., Doi, H., Eriksson, B. K. and Hillebrand, H. 2015. A cross-system meta-analysis reveals coupled predation effects on prey biomass and diversity. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02430

OIK-02478 2015

Pastok, D., Hoare, M.-J., Ryder, J. J., Boots, M., Knell, R. J., Atkinson, D. and Hurst, G. D. D. 2015. The role of host phenology in determining the incidence of an insect sexually transmitted infection. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02478

OIK-02323 2015

Toftegaard, T., Posledovich, D., Navarro-Cano, J., Wiklund, C., Gotthard, K. and Ehrlén, J. 2015. Variation in plant thermal reaction norms along a latitudinal gradient – more than adaptation to season length. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02323

OIK-02426 2015

Arellano, G., Tello, J. S., Jørgensen, P. M., Fuentes, A. F., Torrez, M. I. L. V. and Macía, M. J. 2015. Disentangling environmental and spatial processes of community assembly in tropical forests from local to regional scales. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02426

OIK-02815 2015

García-Meza, D. and Martorell, C. 2015. A trade off in the absolute magnitudes of seed and microsite limitations and their effects on population regulation. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02815

OIK-02532 2015

Baiser, B., Elhesha, R. and Kahveci, T. 2015. Motifs in the assembly of food web networks. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02532

OIK-02220 2015

Radchuk, V., De Laender, F., Van den Brink, P. J. and Grimm, V. 2015. Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning decoupled: invariant ecosystem functioning despite non-random reductions in consumer diversity. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02220

OIK-02351 2015

Yang, G., Yang, X., Zhang, W., Wei, Y., Ge, G., Lu, W., Sun, J., Liu, N., Kan, H., Shen, Y. and Zhang, Y. 2015. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi affect plant community structure under various nutrient conditions and stabilize the community productivity. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02351

OIK-02285 2015

Gamelon, M., Gaillard, J. M., Gimenez, O., Coulson, T., Tuljapurkar, S. and Baubet, E. 2015. Linking demographic responses and life history tactics from longitudinal data in mammals. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02582
OIK-02276 2015

Reif, J., Hořák, D., Krištín, A., Kopsová, L. and Devictor, V. 2015. Linking habitat specialization with species’ traits in European birds. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02276

OIK-02313 2015

Warburton, E. M., Vonhof, M. J. and Kohler, S.L. 2015. Patterns of parasite community dissimilarity: the significant role of land use and lack of distance-decay in a bat–helminth system. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02313

OIK-02521 2015

Xi, X., Wu, X., Nylin, S. and Sun, S. 2015. Body size response to warming: time of the season matters in a tephritid fly. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02521

OIK-02322 2015

Chakraborty, S., A, R. and Dutta, P. S. 2015. Toxic phytoplankton as a keystone species in aquatic ecosystems: stable coexistence to biodiversity. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02322

OIK-02258 2015

Amarsekare, P. 2015. Evolution of dispersal in a multi-trophic community context. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02258

OIK-02279 2015

Svensson, M., Caruso, A., Yahr, R., Ellis, C., Thor, G. and Snäll, T. 2015. Combined observational and experimental data provide limited support for facilitation in lichens. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02279

OIK-02468 2015

Resano-Mayor, J., Real, J., Moleón, M., Sánchez-Zapata, J. A., Palma, L. and Hernández-Matías, A. 2015 Diet-demography relationships in a long-lived predator: from territories to populations. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02468

OIK-02296 2015

Ferger, S. W., Dulle, H. I., Schleuning, M. and Böhning- Gaese, K. 2015. Frugivore diversity increases frugivory rates along a large elevational gradient. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02296

OIK-02373 2015

Dibble, C. J. and Rudolf, V. H. W. 2015, Intraspecific trait variation and colonization sequence alter community assembly and disease epidemics. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02373

OIK-02473 2015

Lange, R. and Marshall, D. J. 2015. Relative contributions of offspring quality and environmental quality to adult field performance. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02473

OIK-02232 2015

Kubota, Y., Kusumoto, B., Shiono, T., Ulrich, W. and Jabot, F. 2015. Non-neutrality in forest communities: evolutionary and ecological determinants of tree species abundance distributions. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.02232