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Article number Year Description Documents
OIK-05874 2019

Just, M. G., Dale, A. G., Long, L. C. and Frank, S. D. 2019. Urbanization drives unique latitudinal patterns of insect herbivory and tree condition. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.05874

OIK-06071 2019

Żywiec, M., Fedriani, J. M., Kurek, P. and Holeksa, J. 2019. Non-trophic plant–animal interactions mediate positive density dependence among conspecific saplings. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.06071

OIK-05191 2019

De Raedt, J., Baert, J. M., Janssen, C. R. and De Laender, F. 2019. Stressor fluxes alter the relationship between beta-diversity an regional productivity. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.05191

OIK-06001 2019

Jones, P. L. and Agrawal, A. A. 2019. Beyond preference and performance: host plant selection by monarch butterflies, Danaus plexippus. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.06001

OIK-05768 2019

Grinath, J. B., Larios, L., Prugh, L. R., Brashares, J. S. and Suding, K. N.Environmental gradients determine the potential for ecosystem engineering effects. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.05867

OIK-05941 2019

Berec, L. 2019. Allee effects under climate change. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.05941

OIK-05851 2019

Denelle, P., Violle, C. and Munoz, F. 2019. Distinguishing the signatures of local environmental filtering and regional trait range limits in the study of trait–environment relationships. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.05851

OIK-06067 2019

Podofillini, S., Cecere, J. G., Griggio, M., Corti, M., De Capua, E. L., Parolini, M., Saino, N., Serra, L. and Rubolini, D. 2019. Benefits of extra food to reproduction depend on maternal condition. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.06067

OIK-06182 2019

Sneck, M. E., Rudgers, J. A., Young, C. A. and Miller, T. E. X. 2019. Does host outcrossing disrupt compatibility with heritable symbionts? – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.06182

OIK-05630 2019

Reum, J. C. P., Blanchard, J. L., Holsman, K. K., Aydin, K. and Punt, A. E. 2019. Species-specific ontogenetic diet shifts attenuate trophic cascades and lengthen food chains in exploited ecosystems. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.05630

OIK-05849 2019

Fajardo, A. and Siefert, A. 2019. The interplay among intraspecific leaf trait variation, niche breadth and species abundance along light and soil nutrient gradients. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.05849

OIK-05864 2019

Franke, F., Raifarth, N., Kurtz, J. and Scharsack, J. P. 2019. Consequences of divergent temperature optima in a host–parasite system. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.05864

OIK-05894 2019

Busse, A., Schoreisz, J. J. and Petermann, J. S. 2019. Predators and priority effects suggested as potential drivers of microfauna communities in a community transplantation experiment along an elevational gradient. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.05894

OIK-06016 2019

Horne, C. R., Hirst, A. G., Atkinson, D., Almeda, R. and Kiørboe, T. 2019. Rapid shifts in the thermal sensitivity of growth but not development rate causes temperature-size response variability during ontogeny in arthropods. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.06016
OIK-05764 2019

Kemppinen, J., Niittynen, P., Aalto, J., le Roux, P. C. and Luoto, M. 2019. Water as a resource, stress and disturbance shaping tundra vegetation. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik-05764
OIK-06158 2019

Callaghan, C. T., Major, R. E., Wilshire, J. H., Martin, J. M., Kingsford, R. T. and Cornwell, W. K. 2019. Generalists are the most urban-tolerant of birds: a phylogenetically controlled analysis of ecological and life history traits using a novel continuous measure of bird responses to urbanization. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/ oik.06158
OIK-06068 2019

Chung, N., Pienaar, J. and Greeff, J. M. 2019. Evolutionary stable sex ratios with non-facultative male-eggs first sex allocation in fig wasps. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.06068

OIK-05827 2019

Yoshikawa, T., Kawakami, K. and Masaki, T. 2019. Allometric scaling of seed retention time in seed dispersers and its application to estimation of seed dispersal potentials of theropod dinosaurs. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.05827

OIK-05960 2018

Lomáscolo, S. B., Giannini, N., Chacoff, N. P., Castro-Urgal, R. and Vázquez, D. P. 2018. Inferring coevolution in a plant–pollinator network. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.05960

OIK-5935 2018

DeWitt, P. D., Visscher, D. R., Schuler, M. S. and Thiel, R. O. 2018. Predation risks suppress lifetime fitness in a wild mammal. – Oikos doi: 10.1111/oik.05935