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Article number Year Description Documents
o17065 2008

Jovani, R., Mavor, R. and Oro, D. 2008. Hidden patterns of colony size variation in seabirds: a logarithmic point of view. – Oikos 117: 1774-1781.

o17138 2008

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o14981 2007

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o15076 2007

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o15213 2007

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o15268 2007

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o15547 2007

Starzomski, B. M. and Srivastava, D. S. 2007. Landscape geometry determines community response to disturbance. – Oikos 116: 690–699.

o15594 2007

Pennings, S. C., Zimmer, M., Dias, N., Sprung, M., Davé, N., Ho, C.-K., Kunza, A., McFarlin, C., Mews, M., Pfauder, A. and Salgado, C. 2007. Latitudinal variation in plant-herbivore interactions in European salt marshes. – Oikos 116: 543–549.

o15604 2007

Snäll, T., O’Hara, R. B. and Arjas, E. 2007. A mathematical and statistical framework for modelling dispersal. – Oikos 116: 1037-1050.

o15639 2007

Persson, J., Brett, M. T., Vrede, T. and Ravet, J. K. 2007. Food quantity and quality regulation of trophic transfer between primary producers and a keystone grazer (Daphnia) in pelagic freshwater food webs. – Oikos 116: 1152–1163.

o15703 2007

Stiles, A. and Scheiner, S. M. 2007. Evaluation of species-
area functions using Sonoran Desert plant data: not all species-area curves are power functions. – Oikos 116: 1930–1940.

o15782 2007

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o15828 2007

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strength in ecological networks. – Oikos 116: 1120–1127.

o16125 2007

Kunte, K. 2007. Competition and species diversity: removal of dominant species increases diversity in Costa Rican butterfly communities. – Oikos 117: 69–76.

o16142 2007

Bolmgren, K. and Cowan, P. D. 2007. Time – size tradeoffs: a phylogenetic comparative study of flowering time, plant height and seed mass in a northtemperate flora. – Oikos 117: 424–429.

o16159 2007

Veiberg, V., Loe, L. E., Mysterud, A., Solberg, E. J., Langvatn, R. and Stenseth, N. C. 2007. The ecology and evolution of tooth wear in red deer and moose. – 116: 1805–1818.

o16188 2007

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o16202 2007

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o16206 2007

Viejo, R. M., Arenas, F., Fernández, C. and Gómez, M. 2007. Mechanisms of succession along the emersion gradient in intertidal rocky shore assemblages. – Oikos 117: 376–389.

o16301 2007

Rauch, G., Kalbe, M. and Reusch, T. B. H. 2007. Partitioning average competition and extreme-genotype effects in genetically diverse infections. – Oikos 117: 399–405.