Appendices are any supplementary material that may be associated with a particular article. Most often they are uploaded as pdf:s, but may also consist of excel files, scripts, videos etc. Appendices are searchable via manuscript number, doi or author name.

Supplementary material must follow the guidelines given here: 

Article number Year Description Documents
o14197 2005

Mysteryd, A., Meisingset, E., Langvatn, R., Yoccoz, N. G. and Stenseth, N. C. 2005. Climate-dependent allocation of resources to secondary sexual traits in reed deer. – Oikos 111: 245–252.

o14272 2005

Fleming, T. H. 2005. The relationship between species richness of vertebrate mutualists and their food plants in tropical and subtropical communities differs among hemisphere. – Oikos 111: 556–562.

o13204 2004

Vesk, P. A. and Westoby, M. 2004. Funding the bud bank: a review of the cost of buds – Oikos 106: 200–208.

o13097 2004

Cam, E., Monnat, J.–Y. and Royle, J. A. 2004. Dispersal and individual quality in a long lived species. – Oikos 106: 386–398.

o13150 2004

Parmesan, C., Gaines, S., Gonzalez, L., Kaufman, D. M., Kingsolver, J., Peterson, A. T. and Sagarin, R. 2004. Empirical perspectives on species borders: from traditional biogeography to global change. – Oikos 108: 58–75.