Welcome Magdalena Lenda - NEW SE

Submitted by editor on 4 October 2022.

Keywords: birds, landscape ecology, spatial statistics, behavioural ecology, invasive species

Website: https://wilsonconservationecology.com/our-people/labmembers/magdalena-le...

Twitter: @LendaMag

Magdalena (Magda) Lenda is associate professor at the Institute of Nature Conservation of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in Krakow, Poland. She obtained her PhD from Jagielleonian University and was a postdoctoral researcher at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions at the University of Queensland In Australia. Her teaching and research expertise is in community ecology, with a focus on the ecological impacts of biological invasions. She has worked with a variety of organisms, ranging from plant to insect pollinators to bird communities in a variety of settings, such as laboratory, urban areas, abandoned agricultural fields and forests. Current research emphasis is on using social science research methods to gain a better understanding of how humans influence nature, both to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms and to develop better strategies to improve nature conservation.