Upcoming group blog on Open Data

Submitted by drupaladmin on 25 June 2012.

This is pretty tangential, even for me, but I thought it might be of interest to some readers. Ecology, like many fields (including social science as well as hard science), is seeing a push towards data sharing becoming the norm rather than the exception (e.g., many leading ecology journals support the data sharing repository DataDryad). But in some areas, like politics, hard questions can be asked about whether Open Data is a good thing, or if it is a good thing, who or what it's good for. Crooked Timber is going to be hosting a group discussion of Open Data, with a bunch of prominent and very sharp contributors, mostly from the social sciences. The focus looks like it will mostly be on Open Data in a government/politics context, but there might be something for those of you with more scientific interests. And of course, these two shade into each other, as I'm sure frequent commenter Jim Bouldin could discuss in the context of climate change politics and associated fights over access to raw climatological data.

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