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SPECIAL ISSUE: The  role  of  the  nutritional  quality  of  resources  in  ecosystem  functioning

Table of Contents: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/toc/16000706/2022/2022/7

Editorial: https://doi.org/10.1111/oik.09503

Editors of the Special Issue: Michael Danger, Alexandre Bec,

Jérôme Spitz, Marie-Elodie Perga

The aim of this Oikos special issue entitled ‘The role of the nutritional quality of resources in ecosystem functioning’ was to provide an up-to-date, general overview of how ecologists consider resources quality in their studies, and propose some thoughts on the determinants of resource quality and the importance of its consideration in future studies. The contributions published in this special issue are grounded within an exhaustive mapping of the current state of literature, based on a semi-automated literature analysis. We analyse how food quality has been quantified in ecological research and evaluate how much food quality indicators differ between targeted ecosystems, organisms and ecological questions. For full transparency, we detail the approach by which we built this map. The articles published in this special issue are then positioned on the landscape of nutritional quality revealed by the literature map, opening the discussion on the multifactorial nature of resources quality. Finally, based on some articles of the special issue and the results of our literature analysis, a list of future directions of research is proposed.