Poll: new ideas for the Oikos Blog (and the journal) (UPDATED)

Submitted by drupaladmin on 4 January 2012.

Following up on my previous post looking back at the Oikos Blog's first year and ahead to 2012, here are some ideas I had for new things we might do with the blog. Please vote for the ones you'd like to see happen. You can vote for more than one, and also write in your own ideas. Feel free to elaborate in the comments.

Personally, I like all of these ideas. Especially since they wouldn't involve much additional work on my part (well, unless I was the one assigned to conduct the interviews) ;-)

In seriousness, I'm quite keen on the idea of a new journal section devoted to publishing our best posts (which might of course include guest posts, if we were to start doing them). I do think we have posts that make a sufficiently substantial contribution that they are worth publishing in a citable, indexable, archivable format. But because they're blog posts it's probably worth separating them from the rest of the journal's content, in order to allow them to maintain their distinctive style, and in order to make clear that they haven't gone through the usual peer review process. If we did this, we'd actually be returning to something Oikos used to do, in the form of John Lawton's View from the Park column. But I'd really like to hear what you think, and I hope Chris Lortie (who's in charge of the blog) and the new EiC will want to as well.

UPDATE: The poll will remain open, but we have enough votes in that it's worth summarizing the results. With this kind of poll I can't actually tell how many people have voted (save that it's at least 35 and <144), but so far the most popular idea is invited guest posts presenting opposing or provocative views. Next is guest posts by authors--which I've just learned is something Chris has been trying to arrange for months, but no authors have taken up the offer! Next most popular option is more posts by other editors, which is already happening and we're going to try to do more on this front. Bringing up the rear are invited posts responding to posts by me or the editors (not surprising, really; that's what comments are for), author interviews (kind of surprised folks aren't more keen on that; guess folks would rather hear from authors in a more open-ended way?), and publishing our best posts in the journal (I can understand the lukewarm support for this, even though I personally like the idea).

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