Poll: do you still believe in the IDH zombie? (UPDATED)

Submitted by drupaladmin on 24 October 2011.

My post on how the intermediate disturbance hypothesis is a zombie idea has garnered more pageviews and generated more discussion than anything else I’ve written for this blog. But of course, blog comments, and the emails I’ve received, are a highly non-random sample of all reader reaction. I’m unsure if the post actually changed many minds. So I’m taking a little poll in an attempt to find out.

If you read my original post, please answer the question below. This is just for fun--but it’s not much fun if only a few people respond. ;-)

UPDATE (OCT. 26): I slayed a few zombies! Hooray! There have been 27 votes so far. Of those 8 were either unfamiliar with the IDH before reading my post, or already saw it as a zombie. Of the remaining 19, 4 used to believe the IDH but now see it as a zombie, and 12 used to believe the IDH but now aren't so sure. I consider 16/19 minds changed, or at least shaken up, to be a pretty good batting average. If we make the reasonable assumption that the 8 folks who were unfamiliar with the IDH before, or already saw it as a zombie, now see it as a zombie, we can infer that 24/27 voters now see the IDH as a zombie, or think it might be one.

I know it's a small, unscientific sample, but it's still put me in a good mood, even to the point of delusions of grandeur: On this evidence, if every ecologist reads my post, committed zombies will be reduced to a very small minority!

The poll remains open, so keep those votes coming!

UPDATE #2 (NOV. 1): Ok, doesn't look like we've got any more votes coming in, so I'm declaring the quasi-final results. Out of 42 votes cast, 9 already thought the IDH was a zombie and 5 weren't previously familiar with it. Of the other 28, I convinced the vast majority to completely change their minds (5), or at least created significant doubt (18). And of the remaining 5, who still believe in the IDH zombie, one indicated in the comments that he only voted that way because he read the poll in a different way than I intended, and would probably better be counted as having changed his mind. I'm pretty pleased with that, although I hope those I've pushed onto the fence will continue to ask me questions and so give me the chance to continue pushing them onto the zombie-free side. And I hope the small minority who still believe zombie ideas about the IDH start feeling some peer pressure (seriously).

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