Meta-analyses on sub-lethal effects of hypoxia

Submitted by editor on 13 January 2017.Get the paper!

Findings from this meta-analysis, led by graduate students Allison Hrycik (@ahrycik) and Zoe Almeida (@almeida_zoe), suggest that the biologically relevant threshold of hypoxia for fish is 4.5 mg/l of dissolved oxygen. This is higher than the ‘typical’ definition of hypoxic conditions (2.0 mg/l of dissolved oxygen). While developing this paper, the co-authors spent so much time talking about meta-analyses, and bothered their officemates so much, that they took to online-chatting from desks right across from one another. Read more in our paper: Sub-lethal effects on fish provide insight into a biologically-relevant threshold of hypoxia

Hedge's g effect sizes for all data points included in this study. Error bars represent one standard error. Data sets are conservative consumption (A), intermediate consumption (B), inclusive consumption (C), conservative growth (D), intermediate growth (E), and inclusive growth (F).

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