Data samples & data abstracts alongside Oikos papers

Submitted by drupaladmin on 11 August 2012.

I was wondering what ecofolks thought of this: Oikos publishing a small data sample alongside each paper (when authors provide). This could be as simple as a small txt file or flat sheet showing the data structure with a few reps. Of course, an eml or link to the full dataset is preferable and should also be there, but it might be nice to at least have a little preview right there we could click on. In addition to this, we could publish a small file describing the meta-data, formally or informally, and could include a list of all factors and responses measured. This would be so fascinating. I don't see this as impediment to full and open access to data. This would be a journal-level contribution to the process. It is also a teaser for readers to get the community wanting to see more data.

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