Cover April 2022

Submitted by editor on 11 April 2022.Get the paper!

As spring is arriving in the Northern Hemisphere we greet you with April's cover! The photo illustrates a couple of findings from the study "Simple attributes predict the value of plants as hosts to fungal and arthropod communities" (Bruun et al., 2022), i.e. that trees are host to more arthropod and fungal species than shrubs and herbs, and that plants forming ectomycorrhiza are host to more arthropod species than non-mycorrhizal and arbucular-mycorrhizal plant species. Specifically, the photo depicts a leaf of a ectomycorrhizal tree, an oak (Quercus robur), with galls of three species of gall wasp, i.d. Cherry Gall Wasp (Cynips quercusfolii), Spangle Gall Wasp (Neuroterus quercusbaccarum) and Silk Button Gall Wasp (Neuroterus numismalis), all three in the asexual generations.

Photo credit: Klavs Nielsen.