Small text, big returns

Submitted by editor on 30 January 2019.

Our Oikos way to increase healthy debate and speculation in ecology

Speculation in scientific articles is frequently discouraged, even though it can lead to new hypotheses and debate.  Too often, as well, co-authors seek a consensus or commonality regarding the interpretation and conclusions of their collaborative papers.   By minimizing areas of conflict and uncertainty, the scientific publication process may actually inhibit the development of novel ideas and encourage conformity.   
We at Oikos want to contribute to encourage debate.  We just launched two sessions named Speculations and Alternative Viewpoints (among co-authors) that aim at increasing the visibility of your work published in Oikos and promote healthy ways for Oikos to further interact with its readership.   Although non-compulsory, we strongly encourage authors to contribute with small text for both sessions that would appear after the discussion section. 
To make these sessions as free in style as possible, they can be included after the manuscript undergoes peer review or just in the version before final acceptance for publication.   For detailed information go to:
We hope that our Oikos readership will appreciate these initiatives!
Pedro Peres-Neto,
Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Strategic editor of Oikos