Submitted by editor on 30 May 2017.

Oikos is hiring a new senior Editor to develop strategic initiatives  to maintain and improve the journal’s reputation as one of the leading ones in the field. The strategy editor will develop and coordinate initiatives to attract manuscripts that trigger progress in ecological science, especially forum papers that change our way of thinking on fundamental ecological processes.

Oikos publishes articles covering all aspects of ecology, being broad, synthetic and novel.  Owned by the Nordic Society Oikos, it is one of a handful of European society-based journals in this field and publishes each year approximately 200 articles (at ~2000 printed pages), and is therefore the second largest journal in the field, in Europe.  The journal has a board consisting of more than 70 handling editors, and three senior editors, the latter ones act as EiC and are responsible for the editorial decisions on the acceptability of manuscripts for Oikos. Oikos publishes research articles, forum papers and meta-analysis.

The strategy editor will rarely be involved in daily editorial work, but principally in the development of the journal’s editorial trajectory, and initiatives to improve the journal’s visibility in the scientific community. The strategy editor will work in close collaboration with the editorial team and therefore being key to the journal’s future success in promoting synthesis in ecology. We anticipate a workload as for deputy editors.

Interested: send your short (1 A4), research-based CV to the managing editor Åsa Langefors (oikos [at] oikosoffice [dot] se) together with your (half-page max) vision on the needed actions a modern journal in ecology need to take to promote both synthesis and advance in ecology. For more information: contact Prof. Dries Bonte (dries [dot] bonte [at] ugent [dot] be) and/or Prof. Dustin Marshall (dustin [dot] marshall [at] monach [dot] edu).

Apply not later than 15 July 2017.