Not everyone makes up for lost time equally!

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Why time-limited individuals can make populations more vulnerable to disturbance

Individual variation may make some individuals more vulnerable to disturbance than others. Besides that individuals differ in how they respond to disturbance, we show that time-limited individuals suffer more from disturbance since they have less spare time to compensate for disturbance. We use oystercatchers as a case study to support our hypothesis, and show that inefficient individuals (who need to forage longer than efficient individuals) lose most foraging time upon disturbance and also have the least ability to increase their foraging time later on to compensate for energetic losses. The proportion of time-limited individuals in a population may thus be an important determinant of how disturbance impacts a population as a whole.

van der Kolk et al. 2021 - Why time‐limited individuals can make populations more vulnerable to disturbance.

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