Cover October

Submitted by editor on 16 October 2021.Get the paper!

October's cover shows a variety of seeds from the paper - "Interspecific differences in maternal support in herbaceous plants: CNP contents in seeds varies to match expected nutrient limitation of seedlings"

Seed nutrient content is the key part of mother provision in plants. We put together nutrient stoichiometric data with environmental data for understanding larger scale ecological phenomena. Our results highlight that seed nutrient stoichiometry is seed trait of similar importance as seed mass and meaningfully contributes to the maternal care.


Figure 1. Principal component analysis of proportions of basic macronutrients stored in seeds of 510 central European herbaceous species (dots; colours indicate families most represented in the dataset; black represents species from all other families). The first and second ordination axes account for ca 38.6% and 30.6% of overall variation in the data. Starch, fructans and oils indicated carbon contained in these compounds.