Submitted by editor on 6 October 2022.


SPECIAL ISSUE: Ecology of Information enters the Anthropocene

Table of Contents: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/toc/16000706/2022/2022/10

Editorial: Ecology of Information enters the Anthropocene

Editors of the Special Issue: Jakub Szymkowiak and Kenneth A. Schmidt


In 2010, Oikos hosted a special section entitled Ecology of Information, which featured a collection of papers stressing the ecological significance of information use in biological organisms. Since then, the field of the Ecology of Information – the study of how organisms produce, acquire, and use information to manage their lives – has flourished in many directions, resulting in many advances in our understanding of mechanisms and consequences of informed decision-making in organisms across taxa, time, and space. Now, over a decade later, Oikos features the next special issue on the emerging frontiers in this rapidly-developing field. The contributions published in the Ecology of Information enters the Anthropocene special issue cover a diverse range of topics for which, information use and its far-reaching ecological and evolutionary ramifications provide a common ground. The current special issue has two main aims:

  1. It aims to provide the synthesis of recent advances in the field and to develop new frameworks for the emerging frontiers in research on information use in various ecological contexts.
  2. It aims to consider information use within a changing world, as recent human-induced rapid environmental changes increasingly deteriorate information acquisition, use and transmission in natural systems.

With the Ecology of Information enters the Anthropocene special issue, we ultimately aim to bring ecologists' attention that there is an urgent need for all of us to explicitly recognize the value and the diversity of information sources used by living organisms for decision-making, and to establish collective efforts to preserve nature’s information webs.


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