Cover September

Submitted by editor on 14 September 2018.Get the paper!

The photo on our September cover shows a dung beetle on a boletus mushroom and comes from the paper "Down‐sizing of dung beetle assemblages over the last 53 000 years is consistent with a dominant effect of megafauna losses" by Andreas H. Schweiger and Jens-Christian Svenning.

Dung beetles provide a plethora of ecosystem services of high economic value but sensitively depend on the dung of big-sized animals since millennia. Big beetles thereby need large-sized feces produced by megafauna. In their study included in this issue, Schweiger and Svenning show that the massive losses of megafauna which happened in the past millennia can be coupled to a synchronous downsizing of dung beetle communities on large spatial scale and over an extensive period of time (photo: Andreas Schweiger).