Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue

22 August 2016

Antagonistic effects of ocean acidification and warming on hunting sharks

Jennifer C. A. Pistevos, Ivan Nagelkerken, Tullio Rossi, Sean D. Connell
11 August 2016

Community traits affect plant–plant interactions across climatic gradients

Stella M. Copeland, Susan P. Harrison
25 July 2016

Olfactory and visual plant cues as drivers of selective herbivory

Rebecca S. Stutz, Benjamin M. Croak, Nicholas Proschogo, Peter B. Banks, Clare...
15 June 2015

Photosynthetic and phenological responses of dwarf shrubs to the depth and properties of snow

Timo Saarinen, Sirpa Rasmus, Robin Lundell, Olli-Kalle Kauppinen, Heikki...