Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue

13 October 2017

Individual heterogeneity and capture–recapture models: what, why and how?

Gimenez Olivier, Cam Emmanuelle, Gaillard Jean-Michel
13 October 2016

Determinants and co-expression of anti-predator responses in amphibian tadpoles: a meta-analysis

Thomas Hossie, Kristen Landolt, Dennis L. Murray
30 September 2016

Coexistence of plant species in a biodiversity hotspot is stabilized by competition but not by seed predation

Henning Nottebrock, Baptiste Schmid, Martina Treurnicht, Jörn Pagel, Karen J...
22 September 2016

N/P imbalance as a key driver for the invasion of oligotrophic dune systems by a woody legume

Florian Ulm, Christine Hellmann, Cristina Cruz, Cristina Máguas
13 September 2016

Wood-inhabiting fungi with tight associations with other species have declined as a response to forest management

Nerea Abrego, David Dunson, Panu Halme, Isabel Salcedo, Otso Ovaskainen
13 September 2016

Bergmann's rule: a biophysiological rule examined in birds

Volker Salewski, Cortney Watt