Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue

2 January 2018

Seed-dispersal networks respond differently to resource effects in open and forest habitats

Vollstädt Maximilian G. R., Ferger Stefan W., Hemp Andreas, Howell Kim M.,...
2 January 2018

Resolving biological impacts of multiple heat waves: interaction of hot and recovery days

Ma Chun-Sen, Wang Lin, Zhang Wei, Rudolf Volker H. W.
2 January 2018

Are pollinators the agents of selection on flower colour and size in irises?

Souto-Vilarós Daniel, Vuleta Ana, Jovanović Sanja Manitašević, Budečević Sanja...
6 December 2017

Plant sex alters Allee effects in aggregating plant parasites

Start Denon, Gilbert Benjamin
4 December 2017

Apex predators and the facilitation of resource partitioning among mesopredators

Sivy Kelly J., Pozzanghera Casey B., Colson Kassidy E., Mumma Matthew A., Prugh...
4 December 2017

Geographic variation in forest composition and precipitation predict the synchrony of forest insect outbreaks

Haynes Kyle J., Liebhold Andrew M., Bjørnstad Ottar N., Allstadt Andrew J.,...