Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue

24 February 2018

Cannibalism as a selective force on offspring size in fish

Karin H. Olsson, Ken Haste Andersen
22 February 2018

Patterns of size variation in bees at a continental scale: does Bergmann’s rule apply?

Gérard Maxence, Vanderplanck Maryse, Franzen Markus, Kuhlmann Michael, Potts...
22 February 2018

Green-wave surfing increases fat gain in a migratory ungulate

Middleton Arthur D., Merkle Jerod A., McWhirter Douglas E., Cook John G., Cook...
21 February 2018

Does habitat fragmentation promote climate-resilient phenotypes?

Christopher E. Latimer, Sheldon J. Cooper, William H. Karasov, Benjamin...
21 February 2018

Robustness of early warning signals for catastrophic and non-catastrophic transitions

Partha Sharathi Dutta, Yogita Sharma, Karen C. Abbott
21 February 2018

Diversification by host switching and dispersal shaped the diversity and distribution of avian malaria parasites in Amazonia

Alan Fecchio, Jeffrey Andrew Bell, Michael David Collins, Izeni Pires Farias,...
9 February 2018

Context-dependency and anthropogenic effects on individual plant–frugivore networks

Miguel M. Florencia, Jordano Pedro, Tabeni Solana, Campos Claudia M.
9 February 2018

Microsites of seed arrival: spatio–temporal variations in complex seed-disperser networks

García-Cervigón Ana I., Żywiec Magdalena, Delibes Miguel, Suárez-Esteban...