Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue

9 March 2018

Between-year changes in community composition shape species’ roles in an Arctic plant–pollinator network

Cirtwill Alyssa R., Roslin Tomas, Rasmussen Claus, Olesen Jens Mogens, Stouffer...
9 March 2018

Multiple choice: hemiparasite performance in multi-species mixtures

Tobias Michael Sandner, Diethart Matthies
27 February 2018

Above- and belowground insect herbivores mediate the impact of nitrogen eutrophication on the soil food web in a grassland ecosystem

Pernilla Borgström, Riccardo Bommarco, Joachim Strengbom, Maria Viketoft
27 February 2018

Reproductive behaviour indicates specificity in resource use: phylogenetic examples from temperate and tropical insects

Holm Sille, Javoiš Juhan, Õunap Erki, Davis Robert B., Kaasik Ants, Molleman...
26 February 2018

Plant reproductive strategies vary under low and high pollinator densities

Mu Junpeng, Wu Qinggui, Yang Yulian, Huang Mei, Grozinger Christina M.
26 February 2018

Spatial and temporal patterns of nest distribution influence sexual selection in a marine fish

Wong Bob B. M., Lehtonen Topi K., Lindström Kai