Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue

23 March 2017

Resource composition mediates the effects of intraspecific variability in nutrient recycling on ecosystem processes

Charlotte Evangelista, Antoine Lecerf, J. Robert Britton, Julien Cucherousset
21 March 2017

Explaining ecological shifts: the roles of temperature and primary production in the long-term dynamics of benthic faunal composition

David S. Clare, Matthew Spencer, Leonie A. Robinson, Christopher L. J. Frid
21 March 2017

Fine nurse variations explain discrepancies in the stress-interaction relationship in alpine regions

Fabien Anthelme, Rosa I. Meneses, Nerida N. Huaman Valero, Paola Pozo, Olivier...
21 March 2017

Experimental evolution of bet hedging in rotifer diapause traits as a response to environmental unpredictability

Eva Tarazona, Eduardo M. García-Roger, María José Carmona
21 March 2017

Balancing food and density-dependence in the spatial distribution of an interference-prone forager

Adriaan M. Dokter, E. Emiel van Loon, Cornelis Rappoldt, Kees Oosterbeek,...
21 March 2017

A role for the sampling effect in invaded ecosystems

Pedro Flombaum, Roxana Aragón, Enrique J. Chaneton
21 March 2017

On the missing link in ecology: improving communication between modellers and experimentalists

Jan Heuschele, Mikael T. Ekvall, Patrizio Mariani, Christian Lindemann
20 March 2017

Scaling up flammability from individual leaves to fuel beds

Saskia Grootemaat, Ian J. Wright, Peter M. van Bodegom, Johannes H. C...
20 March 2017

Realised niche changes in a native herbivore assemblage associated with the presence of livestock

Juan Traba, Esperanza C. Iranzo, Carlos P. Carmona, Juan E. Malo
17 March 2017

Biodiversity in perennial and intermittent rivers: a meta-analysis

Maria Soria, Catherine Leigh, Thibault Datry, Luis Mauricio Bini, Núria Bonada