Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue

18 August 2017

A framework for understanding human-driven vegetation change

Inderjit, Jane A. Catford, Susan Kalisz, Daniel Simberloff, David A. Wardle
18 August 2017

Interactions retain the co-phylogenetic matching that communities lost

Timothée Poisot, Daniel B. Stouffer
5 August 2017

Phenotypic effects of the nurse Thylacospermum caespitosum on dependent plant species along regional climate stress gradients

Xingpei Jiang, Richard Michalet, Shuyan Chen, Liang Zhao, Xiangtai Wang,...
5 August 2017

Modelling the niche space of desert annuals needs to include positive interactions

Alessandro Filazzola, Diego A. Sotomayor, Christopher J. Lortie
21 July 2017

Environmentally and behaviourally mediated co-occurrence of functional traits in bird communities of tropical forest fragments

Werner Ulrich, Cristina Banks-Leite, Greet De Coster, Jan Christian Habel, Hans...
21 July 2017

Multiple interactions networks: towards more realistic descriptions of the web of life

David García-Callejas, Roberto Molowny-Horas, Miguel B. Araújo