Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue

11 December 2017

Testing the validity of functional response models using molecular gut content analysis for prey choice in soil predators

Bernhard Eitzinger, Björn C. Rall, Michael Traugott, Stefan Scheu
6 December 2017

Plant sex alters Allee effects in aggregating plant parasites

Start Denon, Gilbert Benjamin
4 December 2017

Fear of feces? Tradeoffs between disease risk and foraging drive animal activity around raccoon latrines

Sara B. Weinstein, Chad W. Moura, Jon Francis Mendez, Kevin D. Lafferty
4 December 2017

Phenotypic selection and covariation in the life-history traits of elephant seals: heavier offspring gain a double selective advantage

W. Chris Oosthuizen, Res Altwegg, Marie Nevoux, M. N. Bester, P. J. Nico de...
4 December 2017

Apex predators and the facilitation of resource partitioning among mesopredators

Sivy Kelly J., Pozzanghera Casey B., Colson Kassidy E., Mumma Matthew A., Prugh...
4 December 2017

Geographic variation in forest composition and precipitation predict the synchrony of forest insect outbreaks

Haynes Kyle J., Liebhold Andrew M., Bjørnstad Ottar N., Allstadt Andrew J.,...