Early view articles

Early View articles are fully edited articles published online before inclusion in an issue

27 June 2017

Mating timing, dispersal and local adaptation in patchy environments

Milica Lakovic, Oliver Mitesser, Thomas Hovestadt
27 June 2017

Phenotype-dependent selection underlies patterns of sorting across habitats: the case of stream-fishes

Bailey Jacobson, Frédérique Dubois, Pedro R. Peres-Neto
27 June 2017

Simultaneous evolution of multiple dispersal components and kernel

Sudipta Tung, Abhishek Mishra, P. M. Shreenidhi, Mohammed Aamir Sadiq, Sripad...
27 June 2017

Temperature and consumer type dependencies of energy flows in natural communities

Birgit Lang, Roswitha B. Ehnes, Ulrich Brose, Björn C. Rall
22 June 2017

Identifying drivers of breeding success in a long-distance migrant using structural equation modelling

Guillaume Souchay, Rien E. Van Wijk, Michael Schaub, Silke Bauer
22 June 2017

Multichannel feeding by spider functional groups is driven by feeding strategies and resource availability

Matthew J. Perkins, Richard Inger, Stuart Bearhop, Dirk Sanders
22 June 2017

Ecosystem memory of wildfires affects resilience of boreal mixedwood biodiversity after retention harvest

J. A. Colin Bergeron, Jaime Pinzon, Sonya Odsen, Samuel Bartels, S. Ellen...
22 June 2017

Berry production drives bottom–up effects on body mass and reproductive success in an omnivore

Anne G. Hertel, Richard Bischof, Ola Langval, Atle Mysterud, Jonas Kindberg,...