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Article number Year Description Documents
o17572 2009

Griffin, J. N., Jenkins, S. R., Gamfeldt, L., Jones, D., Hawkins, S. J. and Thompson, R. C. 2009. Spatial heterogeneity increases the importance of species richness for an ecosystem process. – Oikos 118: 1335–1342.

o17620 2009

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o17643 2009

Peig, J. and Green, A. J. 2009. New perspectives for estimating body condition from mass/length data: the scaled mass index as an alternative method. – Oikos 118: 1883–1891.

o17711 2009

Schumacher, J. and Roscher, C. 2009. Differential effects of functional traits on aboveground biomass in semi-natural grasslands. – Oikos 118: 1659–1668.

o17718 2009

Miles, E. K. and Knops, J. M. H. 2009. Shifting dominance from native C4 to non-native C3 grasses: relationships to community diversity. – Oikos 118: 1844–1853.

o17724 2009

May, F., Grimm, V. and Jeltsch, F. 2009. Reversed effects of grazing on plant diversity: the role of below-ground competition and size symmetry. – Oikos 118: 1830–1843.

o17773 2009

Shipley, B. 2009. Trivial and non-trivial applications of entropy maximization in ecology: Shipley’s reply. – Oikos 118: 1279–1280.

o17785 2009

Cohen, A. A., Mauck, R. A., Wheelwright, N. T., Huntington, C. E. and McGraw, K. J. 2009. Complexity in relationships between antioxidants and individual life-history parameters in a seabird and a songbird. – Oikos 118: 1854–1861.

o17818 2009

Robert, A. 2009. The effects of spatially correlated perturbations and habitat configuration on metapopulation persistence. – Oikos 118: 1590–1600.

o17839 2009

Humbert, J.-Y., Mills, S., Horne, J. S. and Dennis, B. 2009. A better way to estimate population trend. – Oikos 118: 1940–1946.

o18349 2009

Van Buskirk, J., Mulvihill, R. S. and Leberman, R. C. 2009. Declining body sizes in North American birds associated with climate change. – Oikos 119: 1047–105

o16434 2008

Hortal, J., Jiménez-Valverde, A., Gómez, J. F., Lobo, J.
M. and Baselga, A. 2008. Historical bias in biodiversity inventories affects the observed environmental niche of the species. – Oikos 117: 847–858.

o16464 2008

Schwager, M., Covas, R., Blaum, N. and Jeltsch, F. 2008. Limitations of population models in predicting climate change effects: a simulation study of sociable weavers in southern Africa. – Oikos 117: 1417-1427.

o16485 2008

Thébault, E. and Fontaine, C. 2008. Does asymmetric specialization differ between mutualistic and trophic networks? – Oikos 117: 555–563.

o16500 2008

Woodward, G., Papantoniou, G., Edwards, F. and Lauridsen, R. B. 2008. Trophic trickles and cascades in a complex food web: impacts of a keystone predator on stream community structure and ecosystem
processes. – Oikos 117: 683–692.

o16521 2008

Moksnes, P.-O., Gullström, M., Tryman, K. and Baden, S. 2008. Trophic cascades in a temperate seagrass community. – Oikos 177: 763–777.

o16529 2008

Azeria, E. T. and Kolasa, J. 2008. Nestedness, niche metrics and temporal dynamics of a metacommunity in a dynamic natural model system. – Oikos 117: 1006-1019.

o16543 2008

Austrheim, G., Mysterud, A., Pedersen, B., Økland, R., Hassel, K. and Evju, M. 2008. Large scale experimental effects of three levels of sheep densities on an alpine ecosystem. – Oikos 117: 837–846.

o16545 2008

Descamps, S., Boutin, S., Berteaux, D. and Gaillard, J.-M. 2008. Age-specific variation in survival, reproductive success and offspring quality in red squirrels: evidence of senescence. – Oikos 117: 1406-1416.

o16588 2008

Cornelissen, T., Wilson Fernandes, G. and Vasconcellos-Neto, J. 2008. Size does matter: variation in herbivory between and within plants and the plant vigor hypothesis. – Oikos 117: 1121-1130.