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Article number Year Description Documents
o15893 2007

Varpe, Ø., Jørgensen, C., Tarling, G. A. and Fiksen, Ø. 2007. Early is better: seasonal egg fitness and timing of reproduction in a zooplankton life-history model. – Oikos 116: 1331–1342.

o15938 2007

Koivisto, E., Huitu, O., Sundell, J. and Korpimäki, E. 2007. Species-specific limitation of vole population growth by least weasel predation: facilitation of coexistence? – Oikos 117: 6–12.

o15988 2007

Zhang, Q.-G. and Zhang, D.-Y. 2007. Colonization sequence influences selection and complementarity effects on biomass production in experimental algal microcosms. – Oikos 116: 1748-1758.

o16034 2007

Bigler, C., Gavin, D. G., Gunning, C. and Veblen, T. T. 2007. Drought induces lagged tree mortality in a subalpine forest in the Rocky Mountains. –Oikos 116: 1983–1994.

o16036 2007

Vander Zenden, M. J. and Fetzer, W. W. 2007. Global patterns of aquatic food chain lenght. – Oikos 116: 1378–1388.

o16037 2007

Blüthgen, N. and Metzner, A. 2007. Contrasting leaf age preferences of specialist and generalist stick insects (Phasmida). – Oikos 116: 1853–1862.

o16099 2007

Rinke, K., Hülsmann, S. and Mooij, W. M. 2007. Energetic costs, underlying resource allocation patterns, and adaptive value of predator-induced life-history shifts. – Oikos 117: 273–285.

o16125 2007

Kunte, K. 2007. Competition and species diversity: removal of dominant species increases diversity in Costa Rican butterfly communities. – Oikos 117: 69–76.

o16142 2007

Bolmgren, K. and Cowan, P. D. 2007. Time – size tradeoffs: a phylogenetic comparative study of flowering time, plant height and seed mass in a northtemperate flora. – Oikos 117: 424–429.

o16159 2007

Veiberg, V., Loe, L. E., Mysterud, A., Solberg, E. J., Langvatn, R. and Stenseth, N. C. 2007. The ecology and evolution of tooth wear in red deer and moose. – 116: 1805–1818.

o16188 2007

Honnay, O., Bossuyt, B., Jacquemyn, H., Shimono, A. and Uchiyama, K. 2007. Can a seed bank maintain the genetic variation in the above ground plant population? – Oikos 117: 1–5.

o16202 2007

Driscoll, D. A. 2007. The frequency of metapopulations, metacommunities and nestedness in a fragmented landscape. – Oikos 117: 297–309.

o16206 2007

Viejo, R. M., Arenas, F., Fernández, C. and Gómez, M. 2007. Mechanisms of succession along the emersion gradient in intertidal rocky shore assemblages. – Oikos 117: 376–389.

o16301 2007

Rauch, G., Kalbe, M. and Reusch, T. B. H. 2007. Partitioning average competition and extreme-genotype effects in genetically diverse infections. – Oikos 117: 399–405.

o16394 2007

Jenouvrier, S., Tavecchia, G., Thibault, J., Choquet, R. and Bretagnolle, V. 2007. Recruitment processes in long-lived species with delayed maturity: estimating key demographic parameters. – Oikos 117: 620–628.

o14194 2006

Moles, A. T. and Westoby, M. 2006. Seed size and plant strategy across the whole life cycle. – Oikos 113: 91–105.

o14223 2006

White, E. P., Adler, P. B., Lauenroth, W. K., Gill, R. A.., Greenberg, D., Kaufman, D. M., Rassweiler, A., Rusak, J. A., Smith, M. D., Steinbeck, J. R., Waidr, R. B. and Yao, J. 2006. A comparison of the species – time relationship across ecosystems and taxonomic groups. – Oikos 112: 185–195.

o14258 2006

Giladi, I. 2006. Choosing benefits or partners: a review of the evidence for the evolution of myrmecochory. – Oikos 112: 481–492.

o14495 2006

Johansson, F., Englund, G., Brodin, T. and Gardfjell, H. 2006. Species abundance models and patterns in dragonfly communities: effects of fish predators. – Oikos 114: 27–36.

o14847 2006

Tedesco, P. and Hugueny, B. 2006. Life history strategies affect climate based spatial synchrony in population dynamics of West African freshwater fishes. – Oikos 115: 117–127.