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Article number Year Description Documents
o17818 2009

Robert, A. 2009. The effects of spatially correlated perturbations and habitat configuration on metapopulation persistence. – Oikos 118: 1590–1600.

o17839 2009

Humbert, J.-Y., Mills, S., Horne, J. S. and Dennis, B. 2009. A better way to estimate population trend. – Oikos 118: 1940–1946.

o18349 2009

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o16211 2008

Schlumpberger, B. O. and Raguso, R. A. 2008. Geographic variation in floral scent of Echinopsis ancistrophora (Cactaceae); evidence for constraints on hawkmoth attraction. – Oikos 117: 801-814.

o16212 2008

Tello, J. S., Stevens, R. D. and Dick, C. W. 2008. Patterns of species co-occurrence and density compensation: a test for interspecific competition in bat ectoparasite infracommunities. – Oikos 117: 693–702.

o16334 2008

Urban, M. C. 2008. Salamander evolution across a latitudinal cline in gape-limited predation risk. – Oikos 117: 1037-1049.

o16371 2008

Wunder, J., Brzeziecki, B., Z.ybura, H., Reineking, B., Bigler, C. and Bugmann, H. 2008. Growth-mortality relationships as indicators of life-history strategies: a comparison of nine tree species in unmanaged European forests. – Oikos 117: 815–828.

o16434 2008

Hortal, J., Jiménez-Valverde, A., Gómez, J. F., Lobo, J.
M. and Baselga, A. 2008. Historical bias in biodiversity inventories affects the observed environmental niche of the species. – Oikos 117: 847–858.

o16464 2008

Schwager, M., Covas, R., Blaum, N. and Jeltsch, F. 2008. Limitations of population models in predicting climate change effects: a simulation study of sociable weavers in southern Africa. – Oikos 117: 1417-1427.

o16485 2008

Thébault, E. and Fontaine, C. 2008. Does asymmetric specialization differ between mutualistic and trophic networks? – Oikos 117: 555–563.

o16500 2008

Woodward, G., Papantoniou, G., Edwards, F. and Lauridsen, R. B. 2008. Trophic trickles and cascades in a complex food web: impacts of a keystone predator on stream community structure and ecosystem
processes. – Oikos 117: 683–692.

o16521 2008

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o16529 2008

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o16543 2008

Austrheim, G., Mysterud, A., Pedersen, B., Økland, R., Hassel, K. and Evju, M. 2008. Large scale experimental effects of three levels of sheep densities on an alpine ecosystem. – Oikos 117: 837–846.

o16545 2008

Descamps, S., Boutin, S., Berteaux, D. and Gaillard, J.-M. 2008. Age-specific variation in survival, reproductive success and offspring quality in red squirrels: evidence of senescence. – Oikos 117: 1406-1416.

o16588 2008

Cornelissen, T., Wilson Fernandes, G. and Vasconcellos-Neto, J. 2008. Size does matter: variation in herbivory between and within plants and the plant vigor hypothesis. – Oikos 117: 1121-1130.

o16608 2008

O’Driscoll Worman, C. and Kimbrell, T. 2008. Getting to the hart of the matter: did antlers truly cause the extinction of the Irish elk? – Oikos 117: 1397-1405.

o16987 2008

Alarcón, R., Waser, N. M. and Ollerton, J. 2008. Year-to-year variation in the topology of a plant-pollinator interaction network. – Oikos 117: 1796-1807.

o17063 2008

Bauch, C. T. 2008. Wealth as a source of density dependence in human population growth. – Oikos 117: 1824-1832.

o17065 2008

Jovani, R., Mavor, R. and Oro, D. 2008. Hidden patterns of colony size variation in seabirds: a logarithmic point of view. – Oikos 117: 1774-1781.