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Article number Year Description Documents
o16464 2008

Schwager, M., Covas, R., Blaum, N. and Jeltsch, F. 2008. Limitations of population models in predicting climate change effects: a simulation study of sociable weavers in southern Africa. – Oikos 117: 1417-1427.

o16485 2008

Thébault, E. and Fontaine, C. 2008. Does asymmetric specialization differ between mutualistic and trophic networks? – Oikos 117: 555–563.

o16500 2008

Woodward, G., Papantoniou, G., Edwards, F. and Lauridsen, R. B. 2008. Trophic trickles and cascades in a complex food web: impacts of a keystone predator on stream community structure and ecosystem
processes. – Oikos 117: 683–692.

o16521 2008

Moksnes, P.-O., Gullström, M., Tryman, K. and Baden, S. 2008. Trophic cascades in a temperate seagrass community. – Oikos 177: 763–777.

o16529 2008

Azeria, E. T. and Kolasa, J. 2008. Nestedness, niche metrics and temporal dynamics of a metacommunity in a dynamic natural model system. – Oikos 117: 1006-1019.

o16543 2008

Austrheim, G., Mysterud, A., Pedersen, B., Økland, R., Hassel, K. and Evju, M. 2008. Large scale experimental effects of three levels of sheep densities on an alpine ecosystem. – Oikos 117: 837–846.

o16545 2008

Descamps, S., Boutin, S., Berteaux, D. and Gaillard, J.-M. 2008. Age-specific variation in survival, reproductive success and offspring quality in red squirrels: evidence of senescence. – Oikos 117: 1406-1416.

o16588 2008

Cornelissen, T., Wilson Fernandes, G. and Vasconcellos-Neto, J. 2008. Size does matter: variation in herbivory between and within plants and the plant vigor hypothesis. – Oikos 117: 1121-1130.

o16608 2008

O’Driscoll Worman, C. and Kimbrell, T. 2008. Getting to the hart of the matter: did antlers truly cause the extinction of the Irish elk? – Oikos 117: 1397-1405.

o16683 2008

Lindenmayer, D. B., Wood, J. T., Michael, D. R., MacGregor, C., Cunningham, R. B., Crane, M., Montague-Drake, R., Brown, D., Muntz, R. and Driscoll, D. A. 2008. How predictable are reptile responses to wildfire? – Oikos 117: 1086–1097.

o16698 2008

Vellend, M. 2008. Effects of diversity on diversity: consequences
of competition and facilitation. – Oikos 117: 1075-1085.

o16819 2008

Ebeling, A., Klein, A.-M., Schumacher, J., Weisser, W. W. and Tscharntke, T. 2008. How does plant richness affect pollinator richness and temporal stability of flower visits? – Oikos 117: 1808-1815.

o16822 2008

Dijkstra, M. B. and Boomsma, J. J. 2008. Sex allocation in fungus-growing ants: worker or queen control without symbiont-induced female bias. – Oikos 117: 1892–1906.

o16910 2008

Montès, N., Maestre, F. T., Ballini, C., Baldy, V., Gauquelin, T., Planquette, M., Greff, S., Dupouyet, S. and Perret, J.-P. 2008. On the relative importance of the effects of selection and complementarity as drivers of diversity-productivity relationships in Mediterranean shrublands. – Oikos 117: 1345-1350.

o16910 2008

Henningsson, S. and Alerstam, T. 2008. The role of migration for species turnover of arctic birds in a circumpolar perspective. – Oikos 117: 1619-1628.

o16987 2008

Alarcón, R., Waser, N. M. and Ollerton, J. 2008. Year-to-year variation in the topology of a plant-pollinator interaction network. – Oikos 117: 1796-1807.

o17063 2008

Bauch, C. T. 2008. Wealth as a source of density dependence in human population growth. – Oikos 117: 1824-1832.

o17065 2008

Jovani, R., Mavor, R. and Oro, D. 2008. Hidden patterns of colony size variation in seabirds: a logarithmic point of view. – Oikos 117: 1774-1781.

o17138 2008

Caballero, I., Olano, J. M., Loidi, J. and Escudero, A. 2008. A model for small-scale seed bank and standing vegetation connection along time. – Oikos 117: 1788-1795.

o14981 2007

Rammul, Ü, Oksanen, T., Oksanen, L., Lehtelä, J., Virtanen, R., Olofsson, J., Strengbom, J., Rammul, I. and Ericson, L. 2007. Vole–vegetation interactions in an experimental, enemy free taiga floor system. – 116: 1501–1513.