Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published fulltext online as Early View. These abstract have not been copyedited and titles and abstract might change before the final version.

25 February 2014

A trade-off between perceived predation risk and energy conservation revealed by an immune challenge experiment

Nord, Andreas; Chiriac, Sandra; Hasselquist, Dennis; Nilsson, Jan-Åke
25 February 2014

Detecting phylogenetic signal in mutualistic interaction networks using a Markov process model

Minoarivelo, Henintsoa; Hui, Cang; Terblanche, John; Kosakovsky Pond, Sergei;...
24 February 2014

The diversity–stability relationship in floral production

Dorado, Jimena; Vázquez, Diego
20 February 2014

Habitat structure and body size distributions: cross-ecosystem comparison for taxa with determinate and indeterminate growth

Nash, Kirsty; Allen, Craig; Barichievy, Chris; Nystrom, Magnus; Sundstrom,...
19 February 2014

Inducible chemical defences in animals

Hettyey, Attila; Tóth, Zoltán; Van Buskirk, Josh
19 February 2014

Masting, mixtures, and modes: are two models better than one?

Tanentzap, Andrew; Lee, William; Coomes, David; Mason, Norman
18 February 2014

The effect of herbivores on genotypic diversity in a clonal aquatic plant

Hidding, Bert; Meirmans, Patrick; Klaassen, Marcel; de Boer, Thijs; Ouborg, N...
18 February 2014

A consistent occupancy-climate relationship across birds and mammals of the Americas

Boucher-Lalonde, Véronique; Morin, Antoine; Currie, David