Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published fulltext online as Early View. These abstract have not been copyedited and titles and abstract might change before the final version.

10 July 2014

Clonal growth and sexual reproduction: tradeoffs and environmental constraints

Herben, Tomas; Šerá, Bozena; Klimesova, Jitka
9 July 2014

Multifractal spatial distribution of epilithic microphytobenthos on a Mediterranean rocky shore

Dal Bello, Martina; Maggi, Elena; Rindi, Luca; Capocchi, Antonella; Fontanini,...
2 July 2014

Ecological communities are vulnerable to realistic extinction sequences

Berg, Sofia; Pimenov, Alexander; Palmer, Catherine; Emmerson, Mark; Jonsson,...
2 July 2014

Multiple environmental changes interact to modify species dynamics and invasion rates

Griffiths, Jason; Warren, Philip; Childs, Dylan
22 June 2014

Robustness of mutualistic networks under phenological change and habitat destruction

Revilla, Tomas; Encinas-Viso, Francisco; Loreau, Michel