Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published fulltext online as Early View. These abstract have not been copyedited and titles and abstract might change before the final version.

17 August 2018

Using root traits to understand temporal changes in biodiversity effects in grassland mixtures.

Bakker, Lisette; Mommer, Liesje; Van Ruijven, Jasper
17 August 2018

Demographic and genetic collapses in spatially structured populations: Insights from a long-term survey in wild fish metapopulations

Mathieu-Bégné, Eglantine; Loot, Geraldine; Chevalier, Mathieu; Paz-Vinas, Ivan...
17 August 2018

The price of safety: food deprivation in early life influences the efficacy of chemical defence in an aposematic moth

BurdfieldSteel, Emily; Brain, Morgan; Rojas, Bibiana; Mappes, Johanna
14 August 2018

Matching habitat choice promotes species persistence under climate change

Pellerin, Félix; Cote, Julien; Bestion, Elvire; Aguilee, Robin
14 August 2018

A Continent-Scale Test of Multiple Hypotheses on the Abundances of Neotropical Birds

Kikuchi, David; Kattan, Gustavo; Navarro Velez, Kimberly
6 August 2018

Just what is the Thermal Niche?

Gvozdik, Lumir
3 August 2018

Petrol exhaust pollution impairs honey bee learning and memory

Leonard, Ryan; Vergoz, Vanina; Proschogo, Nicholas; McArthur, Clare; Hochuli,...
3 August 2018

Testing and interpreting the shared space-environment fraction in variation partitioning analyses of ecological data

Bauman, David; Vleminckx, Jason; Hardy, Olivier; Drouet, Thomas
3 August 2018

Disentangling demographic co-effects of predation and pollution on population dynamics

Reyes, Claudio; Ramos-Jiliberto, Rodrigo; Arim, Matias; Lima, Mauricio