Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published fulltext online as Early View. These abstract have not been copyedited and titles and abstract might change before the final version.

3 August 2018

Disentangling demographic co-effects of predation and pollution on population dynamics

Reyes, Claudio; Ramos-Jiliberto, Rodrigo; Arim, Matias; Lima, Mauricio
3 August 2018

DNA methylation as a possible mechanism affecting ability of natural populations to adapt to changing climate

Munzbergova, Zuzana; Latzel, Vit; Surinova, Maria; Hadincova, Vera
24 July 2018

Maternal Provisioning is Structured by Species’ Competitive Neighborhoods

germain, Rachel; Grainger, Tess; Jones, Natalie; Gilbert, Benjamin
19 July 2018

Predator size and prey size-gut capacity ratios determine kill frequency and carcass production in terrestrial carnivorous mammals

De Cuyper, Annelies; Clauss, Marcus; Carbone, Chris; Codron, Daryl; Cools, An;...
15 July 2018

Coastal phytoplankton community dynamics and coexistence driven by intragroup density-dependence, light and hydrodynamics

Barraquand, Frédéric; Picoche, Coralie; Maurer, Daniele; Carassou, Laure; Auby...
9 July 2018

Intraspecific variation in herbivore-induced plant volatiles influences the spatial range of plant-parasitoid interactions

Aartsma, Yavanna; Leroy, Benjamin; van der Werf, Wopke; Dicke, Marcel; Poelman...
9 July 2018

Host traits associated with species roles in parasite sharing networks

Dallas, Tad ; Han, Barbara A.; Nunn, Charles; Park, Andrew; Stephens, Patrick;...
6 July 2018

What is behind the variation in mate quality dependent sex ratio adjustment? – A meta-analysis

Szász, Eszter; Garamszegi, Lazlo; Rosivall, Balázs
19 June 2018

Developmental plasticity for male secondary sexual traits in a group of polyphenic tropical butterflies

Balmer, Andrew; Brakefield, Paul; Brattström, Oskar; van Bergen, Erik