Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published fulltext online as Early View. These abstract have not been copyedited and titles and abstract might change before the final version.

22 June 2019

Forest biomass, soil and biodiversity relationships originate from biogeographic affinity and direct ecological effects

Noreika, Norbertas; Helm, Aveliina; Opik, Maarja; Jairus, Teele; Vasar, Martti...
21 June 2019

Inferring macro-ecological patterns from local presence/absence data

Tovo, Anna; Formentin, Marco; Suweis, Samir; Stivanello, Samuele; Azaele,...
19 June 2019

Repeatable inter-individual variation in the thermal sensitivity of metabolic rate

Reveillon, Tom; Rota, Thibaut; Chauvet, Eric; Lecerf, A.; Sentis, Arnaud
17 June 2019

Non-resource effects of foundation species on meta-ecosystem stability and function

Massé-Jodoin, Julien; Guichard, Frédéric
15 June 2019

Matrix type and landscape attributes modulate avian taxonomic and functional spillover across habitat boundaries within the Atlantic Forest

Barros, Fabio; Martello, Felipe; Peres, Carlos; Aurelio Pizo, Marco; Ribeiro,...
13 June 2019

Coping with multiple enemies: pairwise interactions do not predict evolutionary change in complex multitrophic communities

McClean, Deirdre; Friman, Ville; Finn, Alain; Salzberg, Letal; Donohue, Ian
11 June 2019

Disentangling evolutionary, environmental and morphological drivers of plant anatomical adaptations to drought and cold in Himalayan graminoids

Dolezal, Jiri; Klimes, Adam; Dvorsky, Miroslav; Riha, Pavel; Klimešová, Jitka;...
11 June 2019

Responses of plant community mycorrhization to anthropogenic influence depend on the habitat and mycorrhizal type

Gerz, Maret; Bueno, Guillermo; Ozinga , Wim A.; Zobel, Martin; Moora, Mari