Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published fulltext online as Early View. These abstract have not been copyedited and titles and abstract might change before the final version.

26 April 2018

Proximate causes of variation in dermal armour: insights from armadillo lizards

Broeckhoven, Chris; Mouton, le Fras; Hui, Cang
24 April 2018

Detrital nutrient content and leaf species differentially affect growth and nutritional regulation of detritivores

Halvorson, Halvor; Fuller, Christopher; Entrekin, Sally; Scott, J.; Evans-White...
24 April 2018

Spatial scales of population synchrony of two competing species: effects of harvesting and strength of competition

Jarillo, Javier; Sæther, Bernt-Erik; Engen, Steinar; Cao, Francisco J.
20 April 2018

Interaction strength and stability in stage-structured food web modules

Nilsson, Karin; McCann, Kevin; Caskenette, Amanda
17 April 2018

Ecological niche and phylogeny explain distribution of seed mass in the Central European flora

Vandelook, Filip; Janssens, Steven ; Matthies, Diethart
15 April 2018

Allocation strategies for nitrogen and phosphorus in forest plants

Zhang, Jiahui; He, nianpeng; Liu, Congcong; Xu, Li; Yu, Qiang; Yu, Gui-Rui
13 April 2018

Simultaneous exposure to a pulsed and a prolonged anthropogenic stressor can alter consumer multifunctionality

Salo, Tiina; Rasanen, Katja; Stamm, Christian; Burdon, Francis; Seppala, Otto
12 April 2018

Stream community richness predicts apex predator occupancy dynamics in riparian systems

Holland, Angela; Schauber, Eric; Nielsen, Clayton; Hellgren, Eric C.
10 April 2018

Plant life history stage and nurse age change the development of ecological networks in an arid ecosystem

Losapio, Gianalberto; Pugnaire, Francisco; O'Brien, Michael; Schöb,...