Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published fulltext online as Early View. These abstract have not been copyedited and titles and abstract might change before the final version.

15 July 2019

Strong but opposing effects of associational resistance and susceptibility on defense phenotype in an African savanna plant

Coverdale, Tyler; McGeary, Ian; O'Connell, Ryan; Palmer, Todd; Goheen,...
6 July 2019

Benefits of increased colonist quantity and genetic diversity for colonization depend on colonist identity

Sinclair, James; Arnott, Shelley; Millette, Katie; Cristescu, Melania E.
29 June 2019

Plant water uptake along a diversity gradient provides evidence for complementarity in hydrological niches

O'Keefe, Kimberly; Nippert, Jesse; McCulloh, Katherine...
28 June 2019

Small mammal controls on the climate-driven range shift of woody plant species

Mortelliti, Alessio; Grentzmann, Ilona; Fraver, Shawn; Brehm, Allison; Calkins...
23 June 2019

The paradox of re-oligotrophication: the role of bottom-up versus top-down controls on the phytoplankton community

Anneville, Orlane; Chang, Chun-Wei; Dur, Gaël; Souissi, Sami; Rimet, Frederic;...