Accepted articles

Abstracts of recently accepted articles are published here before being published fulltext online as Early View. These abstract have not been copyedited and titles and abstract might change before the final version.

21 March 2017

How do functional traits syndromes covary with growth and reproductive performance in a water-stressed population of Fagus sylvatica ?

Bontemps, Aurore; Davi, Hendrik; Lefèvre, François; Rozenberg, Philippe; ODDOU-...
21 March 2017

Extreme precipitation variability, forage quality and large herbivore diet selection in arid environments

Cain, James; Gedir, Jay; Marshal, Jason; Krausman, Paul; Allen, Jamison; Duff,...
20 March 2017

Resource composition mediates the effects of intraspecific variability in nutrient recycling on ecosystem processes

Evangelista, Charlotte; Lecerf, A.; Britton, Robert; Cucherousset, Julien
20 March 2017

Host egg pigmentation protects developing parasitoids from ultraviolet radiation

Gaudreau, Mathilde; Abram, Paul; Brodeur, Jacques
20 March 2017

The cost of growing large: sex-specific costs of post-weaning growth on body mass senescence in a wild mammal

Douhard, Frédéric; Gaillard, Jean-Michel; Pellerin, Maryline; Jacob, Laurent;...
19 March 2017

A role for the sampling effect in invaded ecosystems

Flombaum, Pedro; Aragon, Roxana; Chaneton, Enrique
19 March 2017

On the missing link in ecology: improving communication between modellers and experimentalists

Heuschele, Jan; Ekvall, Mikael; Mariani, Patrizio; Lindemann, Christian
16 March 2017

Realised niche changes in a native herbivore assemblage associated with the presence of livestock

Traba, Juan; Iranzo, Esperanza; Carmona, Carlos; Malo, Juan E.
16 March 2017

Scaling up flammability from individual leaves to fuel beds

Grootemaat, Saskia; Wright, Ian; van Bodegom, Peter; Cornelissen, Johannes
14 March 2017

Biodiversity in perennial and intermittent rivers: a meta-analysis

Soria, Maria; Leigh, Catherine; Datry, Thibault; Bini, Luis Mauricio; Bonada,...